REclaim Your Sovereignty

a workshop to REawaken you to the Truth of who You are.

REceive | REclaim | REturn | REjoice

This is a workshop created from the energy practices I’ve cultivated over the past 9 years.

Join me alongside Jen Snyder each month for a gathering designed to invite you to REawaken the Joy Body & REclaim Your Energetic Sovereignty.

We are teaching about the ways energy actually works. You will REceive a practical guide to ways you can understand and cleanse your own energy field. This will be a very special evening designed to REawaken your memory and knowledge that You are a Sovereign Being. Yes, YOU

Discover many simple, yet profound techniques to REclaim your Energetic Sovereignty and REawaken to the Truth of who you are!   

Leave this workshop feeling joyful, nourished, relaxed, anointed, ALIVE and energetically and mentally cleansed. 
You will have a REnewed sense of self awareness, more confidence in your own energy and how to read it inside your body.
Upcoming Dates…
Private Residence on James Island
All RYS Event tickets available for purchase HERE 

How energy is linked to the words you speak
What Toning is and how it raises the vibration of your mind, body and spirit
How REcreateing your vocabulary can positively charge the energy body
Mantras for health and healing
Why vibration and frequency are important
How to breathe new life into every cell of your being
How to use crystals to positively effect your body and your home
A meditation to clear the energetic field
RElease Exercises
How Essential Oils effect the mind, body and spirit

How to use journaling to increase the joy in your life

Leave this class and feel LIBERATED in your energy body and AWAKENED in your joy body!

Investment: $55


On a personal note…

I am so full with gratitude to be teaching about E N E R G Y.
I feel like it’s one of those things I was put on this earth to do.

As an empath, I’ve picked up on E V E R Y O N E ‘ S energy almost my entire life. Always. It was overwhelming and incredibly confusing. It made me sick so many times I’ve since lost track. And I was very motivated to FIND ANOTHER WAY.

For the past 8 years I’ve been studying, experimenting and practicing various ways to manage my own energy and sensitivity in order to create more clarity. And little by little, I’ve found things that truly work! And they’ve greatly improved my quality of life.

As a result…. my skin brightened, my depression lightened, I lost physical weight, I released tension, I released emotional heaviness — and then I gained flexibility, I gained insight, I gained clarity, I gained love for myself and I experience deeper JOY now more than ever; even before my father past away.

I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life.
And I want to share the practices that helped me get here.

Join me in REclaiming Your Sovereignty ⚜️

What students are saying: 

“That was the BOMB! Loved it! I’m so glad I was there and I’m so glad you were there!!  I’m loving your oil blend ❤️ I can’t thank you enough for all you share. Seriously. Thank you.” – Suzannah

“I experienced true clarity for the first time. I had minutes where I didn’t have any thoughts.” – Andrea

“I melted away from the world and into my own mind and body. It was truly spiritual, relaxing and magical!” – Carlei

“I LOVED IT!” – Shannon

“When you both were teaching I could see the love between you and the deep knowledge you both had. Amazing!” – Melissa

“THANK YOU!! Still basking in the deliciousness of it all! Some sweet, sweet nuggets were planted! You ladies are the BEST! ? ” – Kelly

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