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I’m teaching PUBLIC yoga classes again y’all!!
I thrilled to be Guest Teaching at Mission Yoga and Community Yoga in August and September!

Tuesday, October 22nd 4pm Foundational Flow @ Mission Yoga
Friday, October 25rd 6pm Sing Your Soul: A Inspired Evening of Live Music and Kirtan to Elevate the Spirit Community Yoga 

Saturday, November 2nd 10am Mission Practice @ Mission Yoga

Monday, November 4th 4pm Workshop Flow @ Mission Yoga

Sunday, November 10th 1-3pm Full Body Gratitude @ Community Yoga

Check out the Mission Yoga Schedule + class descriptions HERE.

Check out the Community Yoga Schedule HERE.


What the heck is a Kirtan?

It’s live music that is co-created to free the mind, open the heart and purify the energetic body/nervous system.  Singing in this way is a mantra meditation that focuses the mind, eases anxiety and allows you to hear your own voice: literally and metaphorically. This is a joyful practice of call and response chanting, and is considered to be one of the quickest paths to Ananda (bliss!). Kirtan, which roughly translates as “to cut through,” is a way cutting through the constant noise of the mind to ignite the joy body and connect deeply to the energy of the heart. The energy of yoga. The energy of being in union with love. You can sing, you can dance, you can laugh or you can sit back, relax and enjoy being in company with others who nurture and reflect the goodness that is your true nature. Through repetition the magic is sure to rise. Forget the notes, have fun and leave feeling peaceful and blissfully at ease!


Learning Assists to Elevate Your Existence

A Weekend Immersion Training

 Friday, September 6th – Sunday, September 8th, Aligning SHAKTI @ Community Yoga

Time: 13 hours

What sets this assist training apart from others, besides my point of view of course, is that it’s not about “correcting” or “perfecting” the asanas; it’s about establishing trust, learning to connect through touch, and gaining the confidence required to offer safe and powerful hands on assists in a yoga class while still allowing each pose to emerge naturally within the body.

We forget how powerful the medicine of touch is. 

I believe connection can powerfully and positively impact our lives and the world. 

This course will be a combination of what I’ve learned over the past 9+ years in Massage Therapy practice, Craniosacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release and Thai Yoga Therapy study; and Jivamukti Yoga teacher training, which has a heavy emphasis on assisting asanas. 

A gifted assistant will learn to translate the yoga teachers words in the class into action by connecting with students through physical touch to enhance the students’ experience in each pose.

It’s about creating. . .




and love 

My goal is to have every teacher leave this training with loving confidence, technical knowledge, enthusiasm and a deep understanding of how to give safe and transformative hands on assists. This is just one new way I want to spread heart-centered consciousness to our community and the world. ? 

*** This course is open to Yoga teachers, massage therapists and student heavily steeped in their yoga practice. ***

Read more details HERE:

Full Body Gratitude is a workshop where many modalities of healing come together. Most of our lives involve challenging our bodies and minds, and this workshop is intuitively designed to REbalance the nervous system and truly give back to the bodies we call home. You will be guided through deeply restorative yoga and meditation with hands on assists, massage therapy, energy healing, crystal placement, intuitive aromatherapy and deep relaxation.

Prepare to get cozy and drift into a peaceful and healing state. We will be in a dimly lit room with candles and each restorative posture is completely supported. We hold these cozy poses for at least 5 minutes each, with the goal to feel completely safe and at ease in mind, body and spirit. Releases here can be very powerful, long lasting and feel great!

Full Body Gratitude is a workshop tailored to fit the needs of everyone present the day of session. You are each encouraged to ask questions, bring a journal, pen and eye pillow. I hope you’ll join in appreciating your body for the divine instrument that it is!

Next public workshop: Sunday, November 2nd from 1-3pm @ Community Yoga

Hire LuLu for a private Healing Workshop HERE.

Connect with your soul through yoga, dance, intuitive movement, guided meditation, deep relaxation and a curated playlist.  This is a class designed to inform the part of you that does not need to be told what to do — your intuition. You are your own best teacher, and I am here to guide you more deeply into that inner knowing.
Flow into love with life – mind, body and spirit.

Read more info about this class HERE.

Hire LuLu for a private Soul Hydration class HERE.

This class is a love letter from my heart to yours during this time of great transition.

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Connect with me to sign up OR host a class.  More details available HERE.

Hire LuLu for a private class HERE.

A workshop designed to liberate your energy body and awaken your joy body. Discover many simple, yet profound techniques to REclaim your Energetic Sovereignty and REawaken to the Truth of who you are!

Hire LuLu for a private class HERE.

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