No one ever mentions the discipline it takes to follow it.

No one mentions the challenge of meeting yourself, daily, and moving forward through resistance.

No one ever mentions how fucking hard it is to follow a purpose-driven life.

I’m on a magical Greek island right now. I spent the morning catching up on computer work, emails, spreadsheets, etc. all in preparation for a yoga retreat I’m hosting in 2 days.

I finished my work and began reading a novel I’ve been enjoying for the past week. And boom. There it was, directly imprinted into my awareness.

Following your purpose is hard.

It takes enormous courage — an amount I’m unsure I have ever truly acknowledged in its magnitude because *not* moving forward, in my mind (in my programming), is *not* an option.

I was raised by a competitive athlete and a coach of multiple sports. To no surprise (I’m sure) I became a competitive athlete too. The competitive athlete now turned entrepreneur with the self-discipline and drive of a maniac. And looking back, from this island surrounded by blue, I realize now just how much I am still learning.

And it’s becoming known to me how piercingly hard the decision to follow my purpose was. And still is.

Hindsight, as you know. It’s pretty fucking clear — especially in 2020.

It’s becoming known to me how comfortable I am with things being hard; challenging, thick, immovable, etc. And that I may add to this challenge in my own mind because of this comfort with growth being “hard work”. With business being “hard work”. With success being “hard work”.

Don’t get me wrong, it is work. But I always know just how to make it even harder on myself.

For a while, I didn’t even know what ease was.

I spent an entire year exploring its ways and its possibility. It was wildly unfamiliar, at times very uncomfortable, and one of the greatest, most rapid growth years in my life and in my business. That year was 2018.

Ease reorganized my entire relationship with my business and with myself. It’s shocking, really. I definitely didn’t see that one coming.

I had a break up with my business in November of 2018 actually. If you’re a client or a friend, you may know this already, but I have not been able to truly articulate or understand it until now. In this moment, in Greece. And in this moment, April 8th, 2020, sitting in quarantine and still exploring this topic.

Ease changed my life.

Entirely. Wholly. Completely.

Ease changed my price point.

I started to actually charge what I was worth.

Ease changed where I lived.

I realized I don’t need that much to be truly happy.

Ease changed where I worked.

I realized having an office space felt claustrophobic at times and contributed to a recipe where I placed enormous pressure on myself to produce.

Ease changed how I traveled.

I realized how medicinal and vital travel is to my existence as a woman, a teacher, a human, and a therapist. I realized how vital it is for my growth and the growth of my business as a result. And how necessary it is for my joy. A joy designed specifically for me.

Ease inspired me to pay off my debts entirely.

Ease also cut my outgoing expenses by nearly 70%.

This actually happened in December 2018 and I literally did not know what to do with myself for months. I felt as if I was walking around aimlessly for 7-8 months, knowing where my gifts were, and using them and enjoying my work more than ever — while also feeling clueless about who I was without the pressure of obligation, expectation and “hard work”. It was an incredibly confusing experience. But a time when being confused is a GOOD THING.

Finding Ease in Times of Great Change

Enter Charleston: 6 months later in quarantine from COVID-19 and in major reflection. In major gratitude too.

Hey, ease.

Now you’re trying to infect us all with your magic. Asking us to slow down. Sit still. Rest. Journey inward. Reflect. Reassess. Feel. Cry. Release. All the RE words.

You’re calling for us to let go of what’s in the way of us experiencing ourselves accurately.

I am still trying to understand it all myself.

I am still welcoming its wisdom.

I am still arguing with it, too.

Who are you without your schedule?

Who are you if you’re not “busy”?

Who are you if you lose 90% of your income?

Who are you if you lose 100% of your income?

Who are you when you sit still and look at the choices you’ve made for yourself?

Nauseous yet?

Your body knows there’s medicine here. The stomach always lets you know.

Have you ever felt suspicious of things feeling good? Being easy? Feeling easy or weightless? Not heavied with expectation and obligation?

I’ve feared plenty of times that all of a sudden all my money would vanish into thin air. Hah. Hey, April 2020.

And I’ve feared plenty of other things that happened and didn’t happen. But here’s the thing about fear: it doesn’t keep the bad things away, it keeps the good things away. It doesn’t stop death. It stops life.

Going From Scattered to Centered

Traveling so much over the past few years has enabled me to see how very little of what we *think* matters, matters. How little of what we *fear* actually happens. And how much of what we fear keeps us from being truly alive during life.

Most of what we stress about, we create.


I just blanket statement-ed you.

But hey, it’s true.

I’ve been studying this fact for the past 11+ years. And I’ve learned so much. Collected information inside my tissues, brain, bones even. I have the gift of receiving life deeply and fully, digesting enormous amounts of information all at once. I have a wealth of knowledge inside me — AND — I have a wealth of wisdom in my body. This is something we share.

Your body is the most intelligent thing you own. You hold a map inside you.

Just this discovery is enough to shift the way you see yourself and the world.

My mission is to teach you how to read this map, listen deeply to your own body’s language and honor the wisdom it speaks. Learn to live in alignment with your soul by honoring the wisdom within. ♾

Sacred Alchemy Course

Sacred Alchemy Course

If these words resonate with you, join me for Sacred Alchemy: an 8-month journey of soul alignment, deep energetic exploration and excavation, and a REawakening to the infinite possibilities of your true nature.

What to Expect:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself through the understanding of your body.
  • Learn how to access and expand the innate power within you.
  • See how your life experiences show up/manifest in your physical body.
  • Learn where and how you are restricting growth.
  • Gain experiential knowledge of your physical, emotional and energetic anatomy.

Everything in your life is designed for your evolution if you’re willing to meet it.

This virtual course kicks off on April 27, 2020. I hope to see you there!


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