All of my virtual offerings take place via Zoom and you’ll have the option to download the recording afterward for reference or use at a later date. The goal of each of these sessions is to leave you feeling calm, clear, centered, grounded and amplified!

One-on-One Sessions

Intuitive Readings

Investment: $200 per hour

Things may feel uncertain right now. Let’s navigate these changes together and map out the rest of your year. My Intuitive Readings will help you gain crystal clarity on your future goals and manifestations or we can dive deeply into any blocks that are coming up for you. Come as you are, receive what you need. 

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“Your readings are pure magic. You are magic. And you are the magic the world needs right now.”   – Bethany

Remote Healing Sessions

Investment: $200 per hour

I’m offering remote healing, or distance healing services, to clients who can’t meet in person. These sessions are just as effective as in-person treatments and allow you to receive deep, transformative healing on an even more flexible schedule, in the comfort of your own home. 

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The last time we worked together remotely I felt so whole and empowered. I’m really excited for the opportunity to do so again!” – Sara

Remote Healing + Intuitive Reading Combo

Investment: $200 per hour 

Combine both experiences! Receive an Intuitive Reading to explore any blocks and gain clarity, then receive Remote Healing to help assist the clearing of these blocks.

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Virtual Yoga Privates

Investment: $111

Yoga has been my outlet, my medicine, my teacher; it has taught me how to trust myself, it has taught me how to trust my body, and strengthened my faith. A private yoga class with me is very special, and sure to leave you feeling loved, inspired, more connected to your body, mind and spirit. 

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“That was great. You’re one of the best teachers I’ve worked with. I don’t always get the zoomies during the end, but today I felt that rush of energy that comes when you have a great savasana. Fantastic!” – Daniel

Ongoing Events

H e a r t w o r k

Tuesdays from 6 – 7 p.m.

$5-25 Donation

Heartwork is back! This virtual workshop will help you return to center; return to you. We’ll enjoy a restorative meditation, energy healing, cleansing breathwork, sound healing, deep relaxation, and more, all focused on the heart. Learn how to clear the heart space, work with and amplify the energy of the heart and the healing energy of unconditional love, and return to a more grounded version of you.

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“I melted away from the world and into my own mind and body. It was truly spiritual, relaxing and magical.” – Carlei

Inner Fire Meditation

Thursdays from 6 – 7 p.m.

$5-25 Donation

This structured meditation, designed by David Newman (Durga Das), is a meditation for transcendence and a deep inward journey to the Self. Its inclusive approach uses mantras, breath, the 7 chakra centers, visualizations, prayer, and devotion to support you during times of great transition and difficulty. Receive an energy uplift, a special prayer, a transformative meditation, and come alive from the inside. 

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Elevate Your Mind

Thursday, April 23 from 7 – 9 p.m.

Investment: $33

In this class, you’ll learn powerful practices for expanding, shifting, and changing your mindset. We’ll do some light, seated movement to open up the energy channels, guided meditation + visualization, journaling, cleansing breathwork + energetic activation, and space for Q&A. Leave this workshop with the tools to reclaim your true power of focus and manifest the life you desire.

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“My energy has shifted from just speaking with you for 2 minutes.” – Stephanie

Live Meditations on Instagram

Daily at 2 p.m. EST

Investment: Free!

Join me at 2 p.m. EST for daily guided meditations designed to clear the mind, increase self-awareness, reduce negative emotions, and bring you back to the present moment. You can join us live or catch the 24-hour replay! Each meditation is 15-30 minutes.

Simply follow me on IG @healingwithlulu for a different meditation everyday.

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“I experienced true clarity for the first time. I had minutes where I didn’t have any thoughts.” – Alex

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