We’ve all experienced walking into a place of business when the staff is slammed. The space feels tense, flustered, and on edge. You may have felt your own pace start to quicken. You may have thought, wow, you can cut the tension with a knife.

Conversely, we’ve all experienced walking into a joyous celebration. Perhaps a birthday party or baby shower. The whole room feels happy, at ease, and full of love. You likely felt the same!

And hopefully, many of you remember how you felt when you’ve walked into my healing space to receive a treatment. How all of a sudden, you feel you can breathe more deeply, spread out, and soften even the deepest parts of you.

Why is that?

Gregg Braden, New York Times best-selling author, believes the answer is photons.

“A room full of people talking amongst themselves has a different arrangement of photons than that same room full of people who have just spent two hours praying or meditating together. A meditative room has a tangible feeling of peace — the absence of chaotic thought and presence of love.”

Photons, which are essentially the molecules of space, assume a random pattern when arranged in a vacuum. However, when human DNA is introduced, the photos conform to the spiral pattern of human DNA; when the DNA is removed from the vacuum, the photons still retain the shape of the DNA.

Basically: Your energy shapes the molecules of the room you’re in. And the space around you holds your energy long after you leave.

It’s like an energetic footprint.

This is MINDBLOWING for many reasons, but mostly because it’s what healers, mediums, intuitives, and New Age authors have been saying for years. And now, it’s backed by science.

Your environment matters. It matters a great deal actually, and you can see why! We have the power to create our environments in a way that works for us, if we are willing to do so.

Photons & Your Emotions

The daily intake of both negative and positive emotional energies, which are picked up from the places we go and people we interact with, have an effect on our surroundings, our families, and our own bodies, minds, and spirits. In fact, some research shows that the human body can retain chemical changes from an experience for up to two weeks.

So, why not:

Take that yoga class. 

Dance and sing.

Journal about what you’re grateful for.


Eat a delicious meal.

Call a friend.

Surrounding yourself (virtually or in-person) with like-minded people can also make an extraordinary impact on how you experience yourself and your life. It can impact your experience on a molecular level. 

Do something you love, and the positive effects will extend into your surroundings.

Love you,


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