Join me for an incredible weekend of nourishment and healing at Charleston Community Yoga! I’m offering four classes over the course of three days, and I’d love for you to be there.

Soul Hydration Weekend | April 3-5, 2020

Class Schedule


  • $40 per class
  • Purchase all 4 and save 20% ($128!)
  • For school teachers + RYTs: $25 per class

Class Descriptions

A Feel-Good Flow
How does it feel to be FREE on your mat? In this high-energy class, we’ll move the body in a variety of sweet, slow, and soulful ways with space for every level of practitioner to feel seen, felt, and heard.
Learn how to incorporate more freedom and intuitive movement into your practice while experiencing both restorative + challenging asanas, Kirtan (call and response chanting), breathwork, and a variety of meditation over the course of these 2 sweet hours. We’ll dance, we’ll sing, we’ll sweat, and we’ll ignite the joy body while reconnecting to ourselves and each other in community.
Soul Hydration
Intuitive yoga to REhydrate the spirit
Connect with your soul through yoga, guided movement, intuitive movement, and a curated playlist! This is a class designed to inform the part of you that does not need to be told what to do — your intuition. You are your own best teacher, and I am here to guide you more deeply into that inner knowing. You’ll have the chance to move around your mat and explore a variety of poses, postures, and breathing techniques that feel good. Because you deserve to feel good.
Full Body Gratitude
Give back to the body you call home
Full Body Gratitude is a time to give back to the divine instrument we live our lives in. In this workshop, many modalities of healing work together to bring you into a blissful, healing and transcendental state. You’ll be guided through deeply restorative yoga and meditation with hands-on assists, massage therapy, energy healing, crystal placement, intuitive aromatherapy, and deep relaxation.
Prepare to get cozy! Full Body Gratitude focuses on supportive, restorative postures that are enjoyed by candlelight. We hold these cozy poses for at least 5 minutes each to ease in mind, body, and spirit. Releases here can be very powerful, long-lasting, and feel amazing.
“I’m so jazzed from earlier – such a good workshop!
Thank you!
My energy was all over the place, and now I feel all combed out.”

Deep Steep
Explore the depths, ground in, and realign with your truth

This class is designed to integrate the entire Soul Hydration Weekend. We’ll enjoy a slow and soulful Yin-Vinyasa class, which begins with longer-held poses that resonate in the soul and invite you to steep deeply within the Self. Then, enliven the body + spirit with a steady, breath-based vinyasa welcoming greater range of motion and flow. Deep Steep ends with a restorative meditation to energetically tie up the weekend with a bow.

Those who attend can expect to leave this class feeling satisfied, centered, settled, and content; new students can also have a deep experience on their mat and leave feeling at home within themselves.

Get ready for a truly memorable weekend, love.

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