“Energy work is priceless. It makes every day extraordinary
and transforms the mundane to the holy.”

― Silvia Hartmann

What the heck is remote healing, you ask? Remote healing, or distance healing, is a special service that I offer to clients who are either many miles away or are local and looking for a deep, unique experience to add to their wellness lifestyle. These sessions are just as effective as in-person treatments and allow you to receive deep, transformative healing on an even more flexible schedule in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. 

That’s because the energetic body can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and doesn’t require you to be physically present. It’s also common to have an even deeper access to the energetic field when working remotely. Many of my clients experience energy moving more quickly as well, allowing for even better results.

How It Works

The best way I can describe this process is to think about the way electricity works. Electricity (energy) is usually generated in one location and transmitted to another power to buildings, homes, streets, etc. The electricity travels along power lines and brings energy to specific locations. Energy healing works like this too by using invisible energetic lines or meridians for the healing energy to travel along.

Fun Fact: The magic of remote healing is even backed by Quantum Mechanics! Einstein’s “Spooky Action at a Distance” theory states that “entanglement arises naturally when two particles are created at the same point. Entangled particles may become widely separated in space, but even so, the mathematics implies that a measurement on one immediately influences the other, regardless of the distance between them.”

Today, entanglement is the subject of intense focus in labs around the world. For example, a 2004 experiment tested the effects of healing intention on cultured human brain cells. The results show that healing intention, applied repeatedly in a given location, can alter or condition that site to enhance the growth of treated cell cultures.

Pretty cool, huh?

What to Expect

Whether we focus on emotional intelligence coaching, intuitive guidance, spiritual life coaching, or energetic cleansing, each session begins and ends the same way.

Remote healing sessions begin with a check-in. We will discuss what’s coming up for you and you can ask as many questions as you’d like. While we’re talking, I will be reading and tuning in to your energetic field. This is a great time to ask for clarity, insight, and intuitive guidance. Sometimes, the most profound shifts in our energetic bodies happen during an in-depth conversation, like experiencing “Ah-Ha” moments that come from simply speaking your needs out loud.

Once this portion of the session feels complete, we will shift into a silent or guided meditation where I will continue to work with your energetic body. You can lay down, rest, and simply receive what you need.

At the end of the session, we will process together and discuss what came up. I will share what I felt, the energy that was cleared, and any intuitive messages I received. We can talk through it all, piecing together what occurred on both sides, and reach a sense of completion and closure. Often, I will offer tips, tools, and practices for you to continue to support the energy we’ve created for you. 

The goal of this work is to keep you feeling lighter, more relaxed, and energetically aligned with renewed clarity and insight. 

Prepare to be nurtured.

Prepare to be loved.

Prepare to truly let go.


“I’m doing so well! Feeling really good after our session. Much clearer and lighter.” Matt L.

“Thank you for the call, it came at just the right time. I had a very positive week post-session with you and it’s definitely helped. When things get tough I just need to take a moment and go back over what we discussed as it truly works!” Danielle

“Thank you, Lindsay, for all your love and light!!! I always feel better after talking to you.” Renee

“You are wonderful! I really look forward to every session I have with you. I’m feeling oodles of gratitude and just wanted to send some your way!  Thank you for being a light in my life.” Sara

“I feel 100% lighter!” Susan


Remote healing sessions are $150 per hour or $200 for 1.5 hours.

** Small Business Saturday: On November 30, 2019, I am offering BOGO 50% off remote healing sessions! Buy one session at full price and receive 50% off your second session. There is no limit to the number of sessions you can book at this rate.

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No matter what you are experiencing, regardless of your age or the area of life you are in, you can receive what you need. My intention is to help release the obstacles that keep you from being your best self. I look forward to working with you!

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