Happy Mew Moon loves!

The energy of today’s new moon is supercharging the alchemical process within each of us.

It’s breaking you out of your comfort zone. Ya feel it!? Whew, me too. 

All that is preventing the evolution of the Soul is being brought to the surface for clearing. 
All the shadow, all the limiting beliefs, and all the inner dynamics that just no longer align. 

Let them rise. 
Send them love. 
Let them GO. 

You may feel shaken up from the core. 
I know I do. 

The “established emotional order” is being shaken up.  So we can break through all the stagnant, stuck, emotional and subconscious patterns — YESSS!

Ultimately allowing us to REgain and REclaim our life force and POWER.


Just exhale. 
Your breath is there to cleanse you. 
All day, every day.

“This metamorphic New Moon in Scorpio has a significant opposition to Uranus in Taurus – triggering necessary changes for a deep rebirth within.” – Alchemise Healing

We are being beckoned awake. Awake with fresh and super-powered awareness to look with NEW EYES at the lives that we have built for ourselves. 

It’s completely normal and possible to realize that you no longer align with what you may have created even a month ago.  Take time to get in touch with the deepest parts of your heart.

Your heart will tell you what is true. 
Believe it the first time. 

Resist the urge to talk yourself out of your desires and intuitive feelings. They’re coming up for a reason. 

The new moon is exact today at 11:38pm EST. Until that moment we are still in the clearing and letting go phase — the death phase.  Use this energy to get clear on what’s not working so you can RElease it. 

What’s in your way?
What do I want to shift?
What isn’t working?
What is no longer true for me?

“Pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, inspirations, irritations, restlessness, judgments, desires, and most importantly, your BODY. 

Make an inventory so that you have a good grasp of where you are, who you are with, what you feel, what you resist, what you don’t like, what you wish for etc. Watch for projections of others, and stay in your own lane with your own.” – The Power Path

Make a list so you can see it. 

Then, late tonight or tomorrow morning (Monday morning) FLIP THE LIST. 

Make a list of WHAT YOU WANT. 

REwrite your story. 

“Reach for something bigger, grander, more satisfying, creative and better aligned with who you are becoming.” – The Power Path

What brings you joy?
What expands your heart?
What excites you?
What do you want more of?

(( Then make a second, prettier, more concise list if you’re like me ? ))

Making this list will literally shift your energetic field. And powerfully so!

Place this list some place you look EVERY DAY.  Bathroom mirror, over the kitchen sink, car, bedside table, etc.  These words/intentions are now your seeds.  Allow the moonlight that will grow every day to ILLUMINATE your seeds. 

There’s a reason farmers plant seeds on the new moon y’all ?
It’s a time for growth. 
Harness it! ⚡️⚡️

Know that I’m here to support you in shifting your energy, healing body/mind/spirit and navigating soulfully through change. Please connect with me if you have questions.

Now go dance in celebration ?

Love you,


Image: Ashley Kelemen Photography
Post inspired by Alchemise Healing and The Power Path

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