I’m SO EXCITED to share with you a new immersion training I’ve designed for yoga teachers, massage therapists and healers to truly elevate their experiences with students and clients alike!!

Aligning SHAKTI: 
An Immersion Training for Teachers and Healers to Transform and Elevate Interactions with Clients 
A Weekend Immersion Training
Friday, September 6th – Sunday, September 8th @ Community Yoga

Take your passion for yoga to the next level!
I’m offering a 3 day training that will inspire and elevate your yoga practice while giving you skills to connect with your students and clients more dynamically. 

What sets this assist training apart from others is that it’s about empowering you and everyone you have the opportunity to serve.  The focus here is not about “correcting” or “perfecting” a posture. The focus is on establishing trust through touch, creating environments and yoga postures that unlock energy and potential; and connecting with your students and clients in a more profound way.

For teachers, this course will help you gain the confidence required to offer safe and powerful hands on assists in a yoga class while still allowing each pose to emerge naturally within the body.  

For massage therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and other healers, this training will seriously up level your services and education while creating more meaningful interactions with your patients and clients. You will learn more ways to assist them physically, energetically and spiritually while discovering new sources for dis-ease that can arises psychosomatically.

For all teachers, therapists and experienced yoga students alike, this training will deepen your practice and self study; create breakthroughs in your mind, body and spirit; and transform the experience you are having with yourself. You will see yourself differently!

This training is designed to assist you in elevating your existence! 

We forget how powerful the medicine of touch is.  

I believe connection can powerfully and positively impact our lives and the world. 

This course will be a combination of what I’ve learned over the past 9+ years in Massage Therapy practice, Craniosacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release and Thai Yoga Therapy study; and Jivamukti Yoga teacher training, which has a heavy emphasis on assisting asanas. 

A gifted assistant will learn to translate the yoga teachers words in the class into action by connecting with students through physical touch to enhance the students’ experience in each pose.

It’s about creating. . .




and love 

My goal is to have every teacher and healer leave this training with loving confidence, technical knowledge, new awareness of energetic alignment, enthusiasm and a deep understanding of how to give safe and transformative hands on adjustments. This is just one new way I want to spread heart-centered consciousness to our community and the world. ? 

*** This course is open to Yoga teachers, massage therapists and students heavily steeped in their yoga practice. ***

Here are the details…
Aligning SHAKTI: Assists to Elevate Your Existence
Teacher:  Lindsay “LuLu” Simmons
Date:  Weekend Immersion / Sept 6-8th / Fri-Sun
Time: 13 hours
Training Description:
Join LuLu for her new 13-hour immersion training designed to teach and elevate your hands on assists. This 5-part immersion is composed of five 2.5+ hour workshops that will teach you the importance and power of touch, while encouraging energetic alignment in every evolution of the asanas. A skilled assist can take student and teacher on a cosmic journe, awaken prana and unlock shakti. Through repetition the magic is free to rise! 
Inspire and elevate your teaching with this workshop where you will learn to truly connect with your students through touch.  Each session is highly interactive and hands on with ample opportunity to practice new skills, ask questions and learn simple techniques to powerfully impact your students and yourself as a teacher and practitioner. As in all workshops with LuLu, each class is tailored specifically to the students and bodies in the room, ensuring a more amplified learning experience. Teachers and Therapists are highly encourages to take all 5 workshops.
This training is eligible for Yoga Alliance continuing education course credit and Certified for 13 CEU hours hours with the South Carolina Labor, Licensing and Regulation board. 
Friday, September 6th
6-9pm — Intro to Energetic Alignment, Getting Comfortable with Touch, Establishing Trust + Assisting Sun Salutations
Saturday, September 7th
1:30-4pm — Assisting Standing Asanas + Forward Bends, Understanding Chakras
6-8:30pm — Holding Space, Massage Techniques, Facilitating Relaxation, Assisting Restoratives Asanas, Shavasana 
Sunday, September 8th
11:30-2pm — Assisting Back Bending + Twisting Asanas, Understanding Chakras
3-5pm — Assisting Inversions, Q&A + Playtime
What you’ll walk away with:
  • A 50 page Study Guide and Guide book
  • The ability to give intelligent and blissful hands on assists
  • Postures + Assists you can offer exclusively to your clients and students to elevate your massage therapy or private yoga instruction business
  • Functional knowledge of energetic alignment in yoga asanas
  • Tools to connect deeply with your students through touch
  • Experience in using props to amplify your students’ experience
  • An extensive manual to expand your practice and study
  • Tools to establish a deeper level of trust within the classroom
  • Power to tune the body in an empowered way to unlock potential
  • Hands on skills and massage techniques to elevate your yoga classes + massage therapy practice
  • Skills to to assists every evolution of the asanas
  • The ability to completely bliss out your students
  • Ways to encourage higher attendance in your classes
  • Tools to positively benefit yourself and your students – mind, body and spirit. 
Add on an In-Class Private with LuLu for $75
What is an In-Class Private?
Highly Recommended! In a regular yoga class setting, you have your own personal teacher guiding each movement and skillfully making alignment assists. I will accompany you to a class of your choosing and assist each asana throughout class. This service is often compared to a full body massage! An ICP is the fastest and most profound way to experience breakthroughs in your practice:  as a student and as a teacher.  An In-Class Private will transform your practice through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tuning. Each session includes hands on assists in every posture throughout class and a Q&A to follow. Receiving an ICP is also a great way to learn how to give and ICP!


  — $180 for all 5 modules to paid by August 23rd (Early Bird) 

 — $200 after August 23rd

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