We’ve arrived into Summertime’s eclipse season and I’m feeling READY to grow, glow, let go and shine shine shine. This energy can be intense and hard to navigate at times so I’m writing to share with you my intention for it and how I’m supporting myself in hopes that it helps you too.

My intention during this summer of great transition:

I am generous with the spaciousness I create around change.

It feels so good and so expansive to be in the energy of generosity. Especially in regard to going with the flow and following the alignment of ease created by a universe who always has your back. 

Things are going to break, bend, explode, stop working and I’m going to get frustrated. It’s okay, I’m only human. And when I can remember to let go, see the greater vision and trust that it’s likely a blessing in disguise, I feel so much better! I’m closer to the divine. I’m closer to love. I’m trusting my path.

Not all the we ask for comes to us in the package we expect it too, and sometimes momentary chaos is followed by greater ease and alignment. We’re almost always grateful for it in the end, especially when it comes with juicy lesson in it’s wake. And all that being said…

Girl, you better mediate. (says my higher self!!) ? All your tools will likely be tested in the next 6 weeks so buckle up and remember, “YOU GOT THIS”.

I plan to practice responding to life in ways that feel true and expansive in quality.

— In other words, if it’s not a hell yess, it’s a fuck no. —

I plan to also practice:

Sitting with desire and allowing it to guide my next direction. 

Trying NEW things or allowing more of what I practice daily to feel new.

REleasing my history and devoting more of myself to the present moment.

Meditation. Meditation. Meditation.

Journaling daily in my HMS Logbook.

Truly giving myself and my brain time to just BE. My brain is NOT going to get me through this transitional time, my heart is, and every time I remember that I feel better.

Drinking hot Cacao instead of coffee to manage anxiety (Recipe HERE)

Hydration. Hydration. Hydration.

Running for fun, to get the wiggles out. (More on that later)

Spending as much time in nature as possible.

Salt Baths (all the salt, please).

Breathe essential oil blend by Doterra for mental clarity, heart expansion and just because I’m obsessed with it right now.

Creating A LOT of space for myself to feel, breathe and find perspective.

Dropping expectations altogether (and feelings of obligation, shame, guilt, judgment, etc.)

Giving myself grace, time alone and rest when I need it.

  I’m offering support to you this month in the form of donation based Craniosacral therapy treatments on the Beach (and the supportive chats that follow each session).

They begin Tuesday, July 9th and will be every Tuesday in the July from 2-6pm on the beach at Sullivan’s Island. Email or Call me to book or seek more info.

How are you supporting yourself through this transitional time?

Let’s connect! Leave your intentions and ideas in the comments…

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