“Your life is uniquely designed for your own self growth.”
 –  Judith Orloff, M.D.



This woman right here is ? ♥️

(sweaty selfie alert)

Sarah Frick is my new fitness crush! She is such a powerhouse light source in the Charleston community, and has recently opened a studio called The Works. The Works is an inspiring, mindful and ass-kicking workout, and is truly like nothing else you’ve experienced here in Charleston.

Sarah has something so special in her, she truly has “it”. She inspires me to love more, to go deeper, to make mistakes, to stay open and to work my FREAKING ass off.

No one will make you smile the way she does!!
And no one will make you sweat the way she does either.

I will admit I had a large handful of judgements around hot power yoga/intense fitness because I have found such deep healing in my own practice from slowing the eff down — BUT as I have come to realized in the past few months, many of those judgements came from my pain body.

It was my pain’s voice.
It was fear’s voice.

And It wasn’t true.

I’ve never been honest in a public way about the enormity of crippling lower back pain I have met on the mat and in my life over the past 7 years, and I came to The Works after taking over a year off from movement altogether.

Okay, I’m crying now.
Yesssss this is so healing for me!

It was around the time I stopped teaching publicly. I took that year to get deep, deep, deep in myself, in my pain and in the ways I was creating it.

I looked at it all…

Emotional wounds,

Belief systems,

Energy blocks,

Structural alignment,

Sexual trauma,

Past life trauma,

Repressed emotions,



Fear fear fear, and

Broke down postures,

Broke down the pressures I was putting on myself,

Shed MANY tears,

Screamed in anger and relief,

And rested my well deserving soul…


And then one day I was ready for movement again. And not just any movement, strong movement.

The kind that would push me.
The kind the would test me.
The kind that would open me up.
The kind that would remind me that I could trust my body not to hurt anymore.
The kind that would remind me that I could trust myself not to hurt my body anymore.

I walked into this sunbeam’s class a few months ago… and I LAUGHED, felt loved, felt safe, cried tears of relief, felt like I might throw up and/or pass out and then felt light bulbs going off..

She reminded me that life doesn’t have to be pretty. Life is messy and so freaking beautiful because it’s messy. That the work isn’t to make it all look good in a bow, it’s the heart work that goes into every drop of blood, sweat and tears it took to get you back into gratitude.

Back into YOURSELF.

The best teachers remind you to make mistakes.

Waves of gratitude and relief started to move into my body at then end of her first class. Gratitude for every slice of pain and resistance that got me right here, to this moment, now, with you, reading these words.

I held my heart and my belly in shavasana that day and felt a little fire start in me again.

I’m back.

And although I am not yet “pain free”…

I have a new love and respect for her (my pain) and for myself. We trust each other and we GOT THIS.

So much love to you Sarah. Thank you for showing up so fully in this world. YOU ARE LOVED AND HONORED!  



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