A woman is not to be rushed.

A woman is NOT to be rushed.
And that’s all she seems to get most days.

The feminine essence is s l o w .
She takes her time.
She waits.
She’s waited on.
She germinates
and marinates
and blooms at the e x a c t moment that SHE chooses.

Not a moment before; and not a moment too soon. And people will wait YEARS for her, without complaints. Because they know of her bloom’s beauty; they know of her bloom’s value. And it’s never questioned – because she, FIRST, knows her own value. And expresses it openly throughout her entire way of being.

A woman is not to be rushed.

And if you do, you’ll spoil the fun.
You’ll miss her perfect divine timing. You’ll miss enjoying her curious ways.
Her cycles.
Her connection to everything holy.
Her God given power of creation.

You’ll miss the fact that she’s NEVER finished, and how you would never want her to be.

She’s always got something left to surprise you. To leave you in awe and wonderment; to help you feel God’s presence. The way you feel it when you look at a flower. When you take in its beauty, it’s perfect creation, it’s delightful fragrance, it’s round edges and soft curves. Every part of it is beautiful.

Every part of you is beautiful.
All this and more.
So take your time, dear one.
Take your sweet, divine, time.

A woman is not to be rushed.

– Inspired by a conversation between women ?



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