“In the end, though,
maybe we must all give up
trying to pay back
the people in this world
who sustain our lives.
In the end,
maybe it’s wiser to surrender
before the
m i r a c u l o u s
scope of human generosity
and to just keep saying thank you,
forever and sincerely,
for as long as we have voices.


– Elizabeth Gilbert
I wrote the first ever THANK YOU note to myself, and from myself this week.
Talk about heart expansion ❤️ 
I sat down this week before my workshop and it just poured out of me…
Thank you.

I have endless gratitude for the people in my life who support and love me unconditionally, and know that I would never be who I am or where I am today without them.

But I would also never be here without myself… the discipline, the faith, the resiliency, the knowing

when to say NO, and the knowing when to trust the process.
The blind trust.
That no one ever really teaches you, but you.

Sometimes it’s important to give ourselves a little credit, you know?
The longest, most intimate relationship of our lives is with us. 
In the world of thank you notes and love letters, have you ever tried sending one to yourself?
Here’s what happened when I did.
As an offering, I would suggest holding your hand over your heart and reading this to yourself. It can come from me if that’s where you are today — and one day soon I hope it can come into your heart as a REflection of you. From you, to you. I am only providing the opportunity for you to connect more deeply with yourself.
Thank you
Thank you for being you.
Thank you for always being there for me.
Thank you for persevering.
For listening.
For fighting.
For struggling.
For cleaning up all the messes.
For keeping going and trusting when it wasn’t easy, and sometimes seemed impossible.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for fighting for me.
Thank you
for choosing love
over everything else.
Thank you for being weak when you were strong and strong when you were weak.
Thank you for your gentleness. 
Thank you for your honor,
and trust.
Thank you for not abandoning me when unloveable parts of me came to the surface. 
Over and over again.
Thank you for healing my heart and the wounds I held inside it.
Thank you for believing in the impossible.
Thank you for never settling.
and for always doing the work.
Thank you
for staying
In believing
it would always
get better
and holding on
until it did.
Thank you for your blind faith,
and blind optimism.
Thank you for always seeing the good in the world.
Thank you for always seeing the good in people.
Thank you for always seeing the best in me.
Thank you for knowing better,
and then choosing it.
Thank you for your REsilience.
For listening when I needed you,
and pushing me when I needed it,
and not pushing me 
when all I needed was to be held.
Thank you for always knowing what I need,
and being brave
and strong enough
to give it to me.
Thank you.
Thank you, love.
Thank you.
Thank you for reading.
Thank you for showing up for yourself.
If you feel inspired, please share a thank you note to yourself in the comments and enjoy the music below.
It may inspire you ❤️

Thank You

by Beautiful Chorus | Mantras In Love

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