I have so much to share about this Campaign and this experience, but I will start with the heart of the matter:  what this campaign is all about!

In a interview last May I was asked a few questions by ALEX AND ANI, and to me they go to the heart of this campaign and to what this company is all about:

REpresenting real women doing real work in the world.



Well the first thing that comes to mind is one of my favorite yoga sequences. It’s a sequence that incorporates a balance of every posture you need in one hour, and it gave me strength and confidence when I first starting teaching yoga. It still does actually.  And it’s my go to practice when I want to move, breathe and connect to myself without having to think about what’s coming next.

My next thought is love. A warrior for love and empowerment.

A warrior for the truth of who you are.

A woman who lives by her own truth. A woman who looks within herself instead of outside of herself, and knows and trusts her own innate goodness and sees the beauty that is her birthright.

A woman who is standing in the presence of her power, and resides in her wholeness.

She’s a warrior for the truth, and values Self acceptance over society’s. My mother taught me this… she was my first spiritual teacher.

My mother invited me to make my own decisions surrounding faith and essentially, “what I want to be when I grow up”. She and my father trusted me so deeply with this responsibility, and I didn’t take that lightly.

It allowed me to cultivate my own trust in myself, and to nurture what it feels like to live from the heart. To live a life guided by its wisdom, while incorporating the hard work and discipline it takes in order to do something that rebellious.

I was blessed to be told that I could do anything when I grew up.

Well, except for that time when my dad was sick and I wanted to be and Italian language teacher – because it was the only thing that brought me joy during that season of my life. The season when he was sick.

He was like, “Absolutely not. Absolutely. Not.” (I still laugh about it.)

He always saw my potential. He wanted more from me.
And I let him.


Faith. Plain and simple.
This deep trust I have in myself, it’s so hard to describe (and even harder to cultivate!).

I am an eternal optimist, an empath and deeply intuitive human here to do some SERIOUS good in this world. I just will not stop seeking until I find the light, the lesson, and the pearl in every obstacle; in every oyster. I have this will inside me, and it’s fueled in every way by living my purpose, my dharma.

Doing the work my soul is here to do.

It’s the most fulfilling job there is, to help others discover the truth of themselves, and heal every obstacle we’ve built against that truth. And I’m also stubborn as hell, so believe me when I say I will stop at nothing to leave this world a little brighter than I found it.

My first sentence was “I do it,” and there is literally nothing I let stand in the way of my path, and of helping others in the best way that I know how: truly Seeing them.

I used to be afraid of the gifts I was born with, and I’m still working on releasing that fear, but I’ve spent the last 6 years taking my power back.

And, little by little, I’ve come home to myself in deeper and deeper ways.

I teach ONLY through experience. Which means If I haven’t felt it, explored its depth, and walked through it, I will not teach about it.

I am an evolution. And forever a student. And can love more fiercely than I can breathe most days. I have a fire and faith inside me that drives me toward meeting the greatest version of myself – and helping others meet theirs too.



I love this question so much.
It’s actually the question I ask most when I want to truly know someone.

I ask, “What was your point of no return?”
That moment, that event, that awakening, that there’s just no going back from.
The one you can’t fall back asleep from.


Mine was my father’s death, 10 years ago.
I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes now, writing this.
Tomorrow’s Father’s Day.

His sickness and passing shook my world to its absolute core.
It woke me up, when I didn’t even know I was asleep.
It lit a fire inside of my soul, and completely broke my heart.
It became my point of no return and lit my passion for life on fire. ?

There was no “kind of” living after that.
There was just living.

It was my – I have to get happy now, today, or never.

It became the reason I fell so firmly into my path of healing, and helping others to heal. It became a way to explore the deepest, darkest parts of myself and still return to the light.

To still CHOOSE the light. And still come back to myself, no matter what.

And there was such a passion and motivation within me after that to find the lesson in such a deep heartbreak. I will find every layer of silver lining in that cloud… and I will use it to help others do the same.

The death of my father took me so far from myself. And It was through the trust in my heart, in God and in my path that I have finally returned to her. To LuLu, his girl.

It reignited the fire I was born with, and I was able to found myself all over again.

Thank you for reading!

Photos by Maaike Bernstrom

Video by Rich Ferri

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