“You have to  l o o k  at you
into your eyes
into your heartbeat
into your heart b r e a k
into it all
and it will d i s i n t e g r a t e.
Your focus will dissolve it.
Your love will  h e a l  the depth of your wounds.
Your honor will grow your soul’s strength back.
Your patience will earn its trust
and you will come back to yourself.
I know this, because I am  l i v i n g  it.”

– Me


The importance of heart work seems quite obvious to me, where I stand today. Through the lens of my own eyes, I constantly feel called to live, breathe and act more compassionately. To live more from the heart.

To stop overthinking.
And to start learning how to just be myself.

Sounds so easy right? Ha, wrong! For me at least…

The call to begin hosting this class began last winter. I found myself opening my heart more and more. Wider and wider, and at a rapid rate.

It felt like a gaping wound inside of my chest. Sharp physical pain at times. Dull aching pain constantly. And this haze inside my eyes, inside my spirit. This haze of exhaustion from holding so much sharpness inside my chest.

From holding on to so much pain from the past.
From holding on to unrealistic expectations for myself.
From holing on to an old way of being.

There was a looooong period of time last year that I would NEVER have offered a free class. I was tired, tapped out and feeling drained of all my generosity.

My yoga practice became a 30 minute practice of…
Rolling out my mat,
Moving intuitively and strangely, but deliciously;
10-15 minutes of formless motion,
Followed by 15-20 minutes of crying in meditation.

I would just sit down and the tears would just come. They rose from such a deep place within me, and I just let them.  For the first time I welcomed them. Like a much needed bath or rainstorm.

Thank God, I thought. They offered me the most soothing release. 

This was my yoga practice for months.
It’s one of the (many) reasons I stopped teaching publicly for 8 months. Something inside of me was trying to express itself and I needed to make room for her to come through without judgement or expectation.

And it felt like a personal injury to myself teach one way and practice another.
It wasn’t authentic. And it was painful to my soul and my psyche to even attempt to do so.
I’m just not cut out for it. I’ve never been able to hide my feelings about anything. They’re always written all over my face.

But when I gave myself space to just BE, something really magical happened: I started to heal.
I started to breathe deeper, and feel more and more free.
I started to get really excited and inspired and wildly creative again.
And my generosity started to come flooding back.
All of the sudden I wanted to be of service to my community again.

And this was truly only possible because I was in service to myself and my needs first. I built my own strength back by learning I could trust myself, all over again, and in a new way.

I started to learn that I had the right to feel.
And that I would protect myself in that space of raw vulnerability.
Deeper trust was born.

Because I was no longer in denial.
(I just laughed. It’s true, denial is real and human and honest and we all do it.)

Fast forward 2 months to Costa Rica last April when the call got even stronger and the name came through:  heartwork. Simple, self explanatory and ohhh so needed.

So this class is a gift of sacred space from me to you.

This class is a gift of presence:  to support your heart, your growing pains and your awakening.

It’s a love letter from my heart to yours.
I am offering to you the same space that I needed in hopes that you will learn how to give it to yourself.

Because I want to.
And because I love you.

“The first part of knowing yourself intimately is to silence the clutter of the externals and the mind, to develop awareness of what you are conveying to others and to listen to your internal voice: the one that speak in the silences. Experiencing that silence and stillness, and observing what lies within is key. Then you will have awareness.”   – Helane Marie Anderson


See what my clients are saying…

“LuLu came into my life about a year ago. She is gifted, gorgeous and a true goddess. Her work is unexplainable and steeped with Truth. Her Being is soft and strong, heart-centered and honest. None of these words actually do her justice. I highly recommend you move your world to be in her presence in some way, either through a class, a retreat or a session. Being with her is like the most unique butterfly in the world just landed on your shoulder and is whispering in your ear.” 

– Angie Byrd

“ Thank you Lindsay for your guidance, wisdom and healing intuition. If you’re looking for a magic maker in goddess form, she’s your girl.” 

– Gabby Rivas

“ THANK YOU!! Still basking in the deliciousness of it all! Some sweet, sweet nuggets were planted! You ladies are the BEST!.” 

– Kelly Mangas

“Lindsay’s healing workshops help you melt away from the world and into your own mind and body. Truly spiritual, relaxing and magical! So much love ❤️.” 

– Carlei Caldro

“Lindsay brings calm to my life like no other. Her words, her music, her oils, her touch – are all the perfect combination for healing. At the heart healing session I came in feeling frazzled, in high gear and tense. I really didn’t know how I would be able to receive what she was going to share with us. But during our group session – in which you make each person present feel a personal touch – I was able to get into such a deep, restorative meditation, which brought extreme calm to my being. It totally flipped a difficult to reach switch in me! I needed it desperately. I was able to share in the beautiful energy felt between group members. I cannot thank you enough, Lindsay, for who you are your gifts.

– Linda DeRemer

Being around Lindsay is peaceful and fun. The heart healing was amazing.. I felt just like I was in a private session, but surrounded by more love and calm than normal. At the end when we returned to sitting I felt and saw myself sitting on a mountaintop.. it was strange but amazing.” 

– Layla Abeyta 


h e a r t w o r k

A free community healing hour

This will be an hour of meditation, affirmation, deep relaxation, sound healing and serenade. This class is a love letter from my heart to yours during this time of great transition.

Fall offerings: 
(OPENTuesday, September 11 @ 6pm on John’s Island
(OPENTuesday, October 2 @ 6:30pm in Mount Pleasant

These classes are a gift from me to you. FREE of charge. Pay it forward ?

h e a r t w o r k   is a class hosted once a month at Private Residences around Charleston.  Interested in Hosting one? Let’s connect.

This class is held at a private residence, and for that reason the address is not publicized. Please email, text or call me directly for details and address.

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