The ever elusive “grounded”…

(Make sure you read all the way to the bottom.. because I’m sharing something I’ve never shared before!)

What does it actually mean? For me, the definition has changed a lot over the years.

My current definition?

Grounded:  Feeling the most at ease with mySelf, with life and with my thoughts. It’s that feeling when everything has balance, when things just make sense.

Like life is occurring from the deepest and truest sense of who you are.

I met a healer once who told me I should never “ground myself”. He claimed that “grounding oneself” took too much unnecessary energy.

He told me to “root myself,” because when I am firmly rooted in who I am, there is no need to “re-ground”.

I still think of him often. He said so many things to me at such an important time in my life. He was the first person to help me truly understand my fears. He so clearly and directly asked me, “Why are you afraid of yourself?”. It was the earthquake of wake up calls!

But I digress…

Let’s talk tips about how to stay grounded and rooted:

1 > Drink plenty of filtered water (not tap water).


2 > Take a moment to notice your breath, bringing the awareness inside the body. The body can literally only be present. It cannot be in the future, nor the past. Only right here, right now.


3 > Immerse yourself in a Salt Bath (at least 3 cups of salt).


4 > Take a swim in the ocean if a salt bath just doesn’t cut it. Breathe deeply. Actively release what is holding you back from the present moment.


5 > Meditate and focus on rooting yourself and your sit bones deeply into the earth’s core. Allow the energy in your body to move downward, as if you were planting yourself like a seed.


6 > Bring attention to your breath and lengthen each exhale. Keep each inhale nice a deep, while prolonging the exhale. Inhaling for a count of 4 or 5, and exhaling for a count of 8 or 10, for example. This will allow the blood pressure to lower and the nervous system to calm, allowing less agitation in the moment of focus.


7 > Avoid caffeine and alcohol when possible.


8 > Pause. Listen. Feel. Enjoy. Sometimes it’s time to just RIDE THE FLOW of the crazy feelings coming up. What if you just let it be for an hour? Or a day? Sometimes feeling ‘out of control’ is just what I need to gain new insight + perspective. 


10 > Consume high-vibrational foods (fruits and veggies are in season y’all)


11 > Take 3 minutes to sit (or lay) in bed before your feet hit the floor. You have 3 minutes, okay? 3 minutes to pause, breathe and create the mood of your day. — Ask:  How do I want to feel today?  — and allow that energy to lead you throughout the day like an anchor of intention.


12 > Spend time in nature and practice earthing: taking your shoes off, walk, sit, garden or play directly on the earth. No buffer. Get dirty, it’s fun!



13 > For bonus points, give yourself a full body exfoliation using the sand, and then swim in the ocean after and rinse off. Feels so good.



14 > Remind yourself where your feet are. Think about your feet, look at them and give them a massage. If you practice being where your feet are, you will always be present.


15 > Take a few deep inhales of your favorite grounding essential oil or oil blend. Or call me, and I’ll make one especially for you…( I would like an intuitive blend please! 


16 > Listen to me guide you through a grounding meditation (scroll to the bottom to listen and view)

If you’re feeling you need further assistance, just ask. Let’s work together! We can schedule a Get Grounded Call or an in-person Healing Treatment.

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I’m here to help!

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