“Maybe the journey isn’t about becoming anything.
Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you
so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”
– Anonymous

It doesn’t take much.

It really doesn’t.

You just have to be willing, sister.
Willing to see yourself.
Willing to recognize her.

Willing to drop all of your predispositions and rules she’s required to follow.
Willing to take off all of your masks.
Willing to drop the roles you’ve grown so accustomed to.

Patterns of being needed.

Your soul needs you.
And she’s rooting for you.

Clarissa Pinkala Estes says all a woman really needs to come home to herself is a woman who truly sees her. And in seeing her, she can reflect it back to her once blind self.

That’s it.

An opening.
And love. The unconditional kind.


I’ve realized so much in the past 6 months.

And one major realization is just how important your tribe is. Just how important it is to invest in yourself (regardless of your profession or lack there of).

And just how important perspective is.

Perspective is everything.

This is one of the main reasons I love to facilitate the Retreat experience. Because it’s a way to experience ALL OF THE ABOVE in a way that is amplified to the highest degree.

The Retreat process amplifies the healing process. 

And its a space where all of you is welcomed.

All of you.

There is so much magic created on a Retreat. And I feel one of the biggest parts of that magic is in the Removal process.

The removal from your life.
The removal from your stuff.
Your roles, hats and masks.
The excuses and the obligations and the expectations and the decisions.

Oh, the decision removal.
Man that one makes me take a big, deep sigh of relief just thinking about it.

I spent a weekend recently with my sister-in-love (I just call her my sister. I mean, she’s been in my life since I was 6 years old I think… And I was the flower girl in her wedding at 8. I think she’s a full on sister at this point!)

She and I were discussing, “decision constipation”.
You’ve never heard of it but you know exactly what it is.

That moment, or day, week, month, even year, where you are so fatigued by the constant decisions life requires that you stop being able to make them at all. You just can’t do it.

Maybe it’s that you don’t care.
Maybe it’s that you’re happy regardless.
Maybe it’s that you’re so tired and spread so thin that it’s unfathomable.

The soul gets fatigued.

It’s heavy carrying around all that stuff, isn’t it?


Amidst the fatigue, to have a dedicated hour, day, week or weekend where most of your decisions are made for you and you just get to show up — well, my friend, that’s pure magic.

Pure fucking magic.
(It just wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t cuss, okay.)

On a Retreat all of your basic needs are met.
Food, water, shelter, sleep.

For some of you, that’s miracle enough.

And you don’t have to think about it.
And even better… it’s made for you.
With love, care and attention to detail.
From organic produce.

I’m drooling.  Are you?

Even if that’s the only thing that happened all weekend, it would change your life.

Can you imagine how much brain space/higher consciousness exists in your mind when you’re not planning your meals for the week. Or planning meals for yourself and 1-5 other humans? 

See, magic.

The Retreat process magical for me, and I’m actually working throughout!

Then there are the obvious and beautiful parts of the Retreat…

The yoga,
the meditation,
the hands on assists,
the scenery,

the moments of presence, 
the shavasanas,
the Ah-Ha moments,

the salt water pool,
the sun,
the nature,
the sauna,

the salt air,
the crickets and birds and frogs singing to you.

But my favorite Retreat moments are the ones that happen in between it all…

The ones you cannot plan for.

The sleepy conversations over coffee in the morning,
the dreaming,
the spaciousness,
the tears,
the connections,
the way we take care of each other,
the way we support each other,
the way we teach each other by being,
the way we witness becoming our own best teacher,
the freedom to just be all of who we are,
the presence.

The parts you don’t plan for. Those are my favorite.
The parts where we become family.
Where the walls come down and we allow ourselves to truly be seen.
As we are.
Without the masks.
Without the predispositions.
Without the requirements.
Without the roles.
Without all the stuff that isn’t us, anyway.

That’s my favorite part.
It blesses me greater than anything ever has.
It makes my heart expand past any bounds.

I thing it’s God.
The experience of God.

Which is Joy. If you ask me.

Joy is your natural state.

To connect, see and recognize the God/dess in yourSelf.
And now it’s all the sudden easy to see.

“Maybe the journey isn’t about becoming anything.
Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you
so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”
– Anonymous

To me, this is what it means to truly be empowered.

Sending love,




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Jessica and I invite you to experience the magic of a REtreat designed to REawaken You to the Truth of who You are.

REclaim |  REtreat

 October 11-14, John’s Island, SC &
November 29-December 2, John’s Island SC

This will be an ultra nourishing weekend journey
with an opportunity to
REceive, REclaim, REturn and REjoice.

REturn to yourself,
truly take back your power
and experience alignment:

Mind, Body and Spirit…


REawakening You

to the Truth of who You are.


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A little more about Jessica Rueger…

Hi, I am Jessica.
I am so looking forward to joining Lindsay and you to share in this unique REtreat experience.
I am passionate about inviting you to consider ways that you can begin to live more freely and joyfully in your truth. Through coaching, yoga and meditation, I share simple and applicable ways for you to become skilled at fully RElaxing into the truth of who you are.

I invite and encourage you to fully accept yourself as you are right now and lean into what illuminates you. 

You empower yourself, I hold a supportive space that invites you into your whole self; to stand with courage in your power. From here, you can see more clearly what was once in your way and gently or not so gently REmove it. As you RElease the perceived barriers to the presence of love that lives within you, you are naturally inspired to create the experiences that want to come through you.

You REclaim yourself to become a magnet drawing to you more of what you desire.

Read more about Jess and her story HERE.

REclaim |  REtreat

October 11-14, John’s Island, SC   &  

November 29-December 2, John’s Island, SC


to the marshes and the beauty of the Carolina Lowcountry. Spend four days in nature reclaiming your wild spirit with a cadre of like-minded soulful women.


with your body through daily yoga and self-embodiment exercises. Your body holds what is true for you, learn to listen to its gifts.


into healing in the salt water pool  and the scent of salt water in the air.


the Truth of your wholeness with healing conversations, shared wisdom and workshops honoring our sacred feminine.


the nurturing presence of healing massage and intuitive, hands-on bodywork.


your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being back to its natural state
with this unique, intimate gathering in sacred circle.


with guided movement practices, joy filled dance parties and drum circles around the fire.

and REturn…

to your Truth: Supported while experiencing yourself in a REnewed, honoring, and loving way.

You will RElish in… 

  • Prepared Locally Sourced Organic Meals
  • Daily Yoga Practices
  • Dedicated, Hands on Assists and Healing from Lindsay
  • Salt Water Pool Swims
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Guided, Silent and Moving Meditation
  • Sacred Ritual Workshops
  • Bonfire + Drumming Circle
  • Ceremony
  • Self Care Goodie Bags
  • Plus Sweet Surprises and so much more….

Come with us on this nourishing weekend journey and reclaim your birthright.

Joy, Loving Confidence and Innate Wisdom await you.

Rates begin at $1200
Deposit of $250 to reserve your space. 

Want to experience the REtreat with a friend? Inquire about our *friendly* rate. 

Choose a Guest Room in the house or tent camping under the stars! 

Full details and Retreat Brochure HERE

See what REtreat students are saying…

“I have had such beautiful, continued unfoldment since the REtreat.

Until it came into my awareness and I made it a practice, I didn’t realize how often I was leaving myself!  And, not just when a classical trigger happens – but when, say, (happened yesterday), someone beside me isn’t doing what the teacher says to do in yoga and my attention wanders over to them, I’m spinning stories and I get lost for like 30 minutes in something that has nothing to do with me! – and I lose my PRESENCE with my self.

And I lose the present moment. 
Also, (my current feeling) we can only really heal ourselves and provide a space for others to heal – when we are IN Presence with ourself. 

“Presence” gets thrown around so much in the spiritual world. And truthfully, after all the years, I think I only just started to get it. It’s not just being in the present moment or present with someone else – it’s first being present (and honest) with yourself.

And perhaps that’s actually how we access the present moment. Or, this has been my insight. 

Now, I stay with myself and I feel like I’m truly starting to unconditionally love myself and feel authentically empowered. Omg. And the channel is opening…

I had been working on and towards this for awhile, but Lindsay and Jessica’s Presence facilitated the big INSIGHT!!!

Thank you for helping me get my JOY back!” 

– Joy Burch


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