By Jennifer Snyder Creatress of the HMS Log Book

“To have faith is to trust yourself to the water.  When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown.  Instead you relax, and float.” – Alan Watts

In the spirit of the upcoming eclipse season, which opens July 12th with a partial solar eclipse in Cancer, let’s make the commitment to release the need to control the exterior elements.

Eclipses herald a time of major beginnings and endings, and there is no better time to release our attachment to specific outcomes and behaviors.

Astrologers tell us that eclipse portals have the potential to bring about radical change with little warning, and an air of non-attachment is essential for navigating these auspicious times.

Let’s consider what it feels like to try and grab the water.

Imagine you are squeezing a lemon; that benign feeling of capturing every drop of juice from the fruit. The recipe calls for the juice of four lemons and you’ve only got one. Dinner guests are ringing the doorbell and there is no plan B. You’ve got to make this one lemon work overtime. You apply the big squeeze.

There is nothing expansive about this task.

Upper body is in lock down, the core is engaged, arms are fully flexed, even the neck, head, and probably the jaw are taut with force.

Feel it?

There is a pressure radiating from your entire body.

This is contraction, and this is the feeling we have when we are energetically choking our reality with projected attachments and needs.

Contraction is quite necessary for certain physical tasks and very useful in the day to day, third dimension. But when we have a desire to control external elements in our lives, we can often find ourselves steaming in a pot of hot water, with no concept of how we got there.

When we energetically grab hold of ideas, people, jobs, or situations, we are placing ourselves out of the flow of universal abundance. We strangle the pipeline. If you are feeling constricted, that’s a big clue that the portal which connects you to the possibility of everything Source has to offer probably is too.

The Universe cannot provide what is best for us if we are hyper-focused on the “one and only,” super important, ultra-magical outcome that will make us feel happy, safe, comfortable, affirmed, etc.

How do you know if you are contracted energetically?

Do a quick body scan that goes something like this:

How does my body feel right now? Am I relaxed? Am I in the flow? Or does it feel like I’m trying to squeeze the juice of four lemons out of one?

If you find yourself in physical and energetic lockdown, you know you have the opportunity here to do some work. 

 Start by breathing.

Chances are good that these feelings of contraction are accompanied by shallow breathing or breath retention. This is not the best stance from which to operate, and it’s a very common aspect of modern living. More importantly, it’s easy to remedy, and your awareness is the first step.

Close your eyes and make breathing your only and most important task for the next five minutes…

This will automatically shift your body into a more expanded position.

Lavender oil will take you one step further. Meditation another, and focusing on gratitude will transport your energetic body far and away from the lemon squeezing contest you were just in.

An ounce of lemon juice, er, prevention is best, and letting go of the desire to grab and squeeze moves us away from the probability of contraction and into our natural state of being. Expansion is the key, and awareness will take you there every time.






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More about Jen…

Jen Snyder is a College of Charleston graduate who has spent most of her life in the quaint, Holy City of Charleston, SC, raising her daughter, working with the family business, singing in several bands and authoring the HMS Log Book series. In 2013 Jen was called to create a journal that would provide a safe and loving way to bring order, inspiration and loving accountability to the busy user. The first edition of the HMS Log Book launched in the Spring of 2014 and is a one of a kind guided journaling experience with a unique fill-in-the-blank format. Life coaches, therapists and doctors love recommending this wonderful journal.

Jen offers workshops and group sessions that are designed to inspire a lasting self-care practice with the HMS Log Book as the foundation. She also works with young women in the local High Schools and Middle Schools presenting her Female Empowerment Program. This ongoing workshop series is designed to bring teenagers into a safe space where they can connect to and accept all parts of themselves while learning new and exciting ways to support themselves and each other without judgement, shame or guilt.

You can also find Jen leading Healing Sound Baths at Still Soul Studio in Charleston, SC. She is fascinated with the ancient concept that sound manipulates matter and offers this weekly musical mediation for her own benefit as well as the community’s. With a healthy sense of humor and a toolbox chock full of high vibrational empowerment tools, she draws on her 21 years of parenting skills in helping guide women of all ages to the Self-Care Revolution.

Contact Jen here: Jen Snyder:

About The Log Book:

Her Majesty’s Ship’s Log Book ~ Welcome to the Self Care Revolution

This smart and beautifully organized journal is engineered to maximize your time and head space to make for efficient journaling. With a “Fill in the box” format, this unique journal invites you to log all the variables that affect the mind, body & spirit as you journey through each day. The HMS Log Book is a powerful tool for helping bring awareness to our cycles, patterns, strengths and opportunities for growth. Each page presents the daily moon phase and and inspirational quote from the world’s most beloved motivational and spiritual teachers.

The ritual of journaling in the HMS Log Book every day provides an excellent opportunity to become more acquainted with yourself, your habits and your world.

  • Daily quotes remind you to love yourself
  • Elements remind you of the current energy
  • Moon phase reminds you of the current lunar energy
  • Season Tree reminds you of the cyclical nature of time
  • Astrological information reminds you of the current
    astrological energy
  • Journaling encourages gentle self-reflection
  • HMS Energy Wheel encourages you to understand your energy output in preparation for writing your New Moon Intentions



Where to buy:


  1. Directly through The HMS Log Book website HERE
  2. Always available on Amazon
  3. Charleston, SC:  Grit & Grace Studio, Blue Bicycle Books, Wildcraft, The Port, and Healing With LuLu (Mount Pleasant)
  4. Sullivan’s Island, SC:  Goldbug
  5. Asheville, NC:  Violet Owl Wellness
  6. Wilmington, NC:  Airlie Moon


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