This is not your typical yoga retreat…

The intention behind each element of this Healing Yoga Retreat is to create space for you to relax more deeply than you ever have before.

For you to return home to yourself.

To open the heart and develop deep compassion for yourself, while finding clarity and experiencing stillness.  You will have an abundance of opportunities to slow down, take deep breaths and allow yourself to “just be”…

Feel fully alive in the present moment, nurtured by the womb of the Healing waters around you, and open to a world of new possibilities.

Feel whole again.

This Healing Yoga Retreat is much more than your average yoga retreat.  Each Yoga class and each Healing treatment is tailored to you in every way:  Creating much more than just a physical release, but alignment of mind, body and spirit. 

I will encourage you to listen to your body’s needs and respect its limits, while exploring new growth and space, with your breath and intention. Together we can explore and receive the benefits of each practice from where we are.

In the Sacred Space we create together, you can allow your spirit to slowly awaken and reconnect with the simple joy of being alive. Feeling in awe of everything around you. Experiencing complete emotional and physical well being.

There will be plenty of free time to enjoy “vacating” and to receive Healing treatments from me and the Healing Center.  Eat delicious food, relax by the Lagoon in the sun or moon light, take in the spectacular views, cultivate lifelong friendships, and enjoy the many optional excursions around the Laguna or to Local Mayan Ruins.

Return home feeling truly aligned and rejuvenated.


healing yoga retreat

February 16 – 23, 2019


Expect stunningly beautiful views…

Expect to be awe-struck…

Expect to make life long friendships…

Spend a week practicing yoga,  receiving many healing treatments, enjoying  fresh, organic cuisine,  connecting with nature, and nurturing your mind, body and spirit

Connect to the feeling of possibility this Retreat provides.
Dream of how you will feel in meditation.
Imagine how you will feel looking at the gorgeous blue water.
Imagine how you will feel at the end of the massages,
the dance parties,
and the yoga classes together….
Feel the lightness.
Feel the power of your commitment to yourself.

This, beautiful, is your natural state.
This is who you are. 
This is the place where your power comes from.
Ground yourself in to this presence while spending a week in one of the most beautiful places on earth:  Bacalar, Mexico.
I can promise, you’ve never seen or felt anything quite like it!

Above: Craniosacral Therapy Session inside the Lagoon (included)


The Details…

7 Nights in a Luxury Waterfront Resort

Sunrise and Sunset Yoga + Meditation

Fresh, Organic Cuisine directly from the Resort’s Garden

Waterfront Living, Dining and Yoga

3 Massage/Bodywork Treatments in One Week

CranioSacral Therapy with Lindsay inside Healing Waters

Massage Therapy Treatment from a Skilled Therapist

A Mayan Healing Spa Treatment of Your Choosing

Before and After Photos (to show you the depth of transformation)

Yoga Nidra 

Deep Relaxation + Rejuvenation

Full Moon Ceremony

Sound Healing Sessions from Alessandra Montana

Kayaking, Peddleboarding and Snorkeling 

Optional Excursions to Mayan Ruins

Surprise gifts! (of course, surprises are my favorite)

Airport Shuttle to and from the Resort Included

And much, much more….

See what my clients are saying about the Retreat…

(This was one of my favorite before and after moments… this beautiful woman embraced this experience to the fullest expression, and it shows. Betty, you shine brighter than the sun! I love you)

I am taking home with me more love for myself and just an overall feeling of knowing that there’s a better place now. That’s for sure!

Also how sore yoga makes me when you’ve never done it before and decide to go on a Yoga Retreat!

I just have so many fond memories of doing things that I always thought didn’t apply to me.  And come to find out, they don’t just apply to me, they apply to everybody, You just have to choose it.

And i’ve decided to choose it.

I will always take home the memories of this beautiful, magical place, because once you are here, you’re never going to forget it! It’s absolutely breathtaking and there is just no place like it in the world.  And I can’t wait to come back next year.”

– Betty Evans Beck

More on the magic of the Sound Healing Sessions…

Sound Healing by the Lagoon’s Healing Waters with the incredible Alessandra Montana is an experience like no other …


Her Sound Sessions fuse together the magic of Sound Healing (Sound Bath) and the therapeutic effects of Sounds & Vibrations to restore the peaceful state of the mind.
Through sound therapies, we can experience a deep mental and physical relaxation that decreases stress levels. Altogether creating a sense of natural peace in the mind and sense of lightness in the body.
Sounds and Vibrations have a tremendous influence over human functionality.
Sound touches and influences the emotions like no other source of input or expression:  they are nutrients for the nervous system, a “medicine” to recreate the innate state of the mind, body and spirit.
The peacefulness you were born to experience.
Allowing all the mental troubles to dissolve in the infinity of the Universe…
A sound envelope is generated by the vibrations of the Gong. You will sense a sound reflection, a vibrational echo, within all the cells of the body.  Tones are felt at the heart center, and then travel automatically to where they are needed the most…

During our sessions on this Retreat, Tibetan Bowls will be placed and stroked on top of the body to lead you into a state where the mind can rest and the body can heal.

Organic essential oils will be used for the senses.

Alessandra will also be integrating the amazing healing vibrations of a Singing Quartz Crystal Pyramid.  Sacred Geometry and Vibrations are coming together in one instrument here, bridging the transformative sound of resonating pure quartz crystal with the power of sacred geometry and the Pythagorean Pyramid.

Sound healing from the Crystal Pyramid works on a cellular level to release blocks within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  

Experiencing the Crystal Pyramid during a healing session is electrifying and transcendent. Its resonance is simply mesmerizing, almost hypnotic, a sound that entrances.

Benefits of Healing with Crystal Quartz Pyramid:

Balances Emotions

Reduces Pain

Shortens HealingTime

Reduces Stress

Opens 3rd Eye Chakra

Cleanses Emotional and Energetic Bodies

Clears Your Mind

Restores Energy

Balances Focus

Creates Energy for Manifestation

Aligns and Strengthens Mind, Body and Spirit Connection

Every part of this Retreat is healing, from beginning to end…

When you attend this Retreat and participate with an open heart + commitment to yourself, you will return home:

Feeling truly aligned and rejuvenated (mind, body & spirit),

Experiencing greater confidence in yourself and your needs,

Grounded in a deeper connection to your innate wisdom and to nature,

Feeling a renewed sense of clarity and ease in life,

Having experienced profound, life affirming physical and psychological tuning,

Loving and being the very best version of yourself.

Do not miss out on this intimate unique experience!!

Book before August 1st and save $300. $500 deposit to Reserve your spot.

This Retreat will sell out! 

There are only 4 more spaces available…

Reserve Your Spot HERE


For even more info about what you will experience on La Luna Laguna Healing Yoga Retreat, Read an earlier blog:  An Experience Awaits YOU


Have any questions about what you read here? 

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All my love,


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