Bacalar, Mexico is truly one of the most sacred and magical places I have ever visited.
It’s still a best kept secret in a country rich in natural wonders.
Its quiet and dreamy feeling hasn’t been tainted by tourism.
It’s still sacred land.
The intention behind every piece of this Retreat is to create the most delicious, wholesome, comforting refuge of relaxation possible.
You will be nurtured by the land,
the food,
the Resort staff,
the massage,
the yoga,
the women you’re surrounded by,
and of course by me.
Together we will create a rich depth of healing that can only be created by us, in the moment, together.
I cannot even begin to describe the feeling I get when I think about it.
 I have a feeling it won’t just change your life, it will change mine too.
Get ready to breathe the biggest sigh of relief.
To feel comfortable in your own skin in a new, life-giving way,
and to experience what being ‘at peace’ truly feels like.
That is why I created this experience.
For you to be so enveloped in love and support, that you cannot help but see yourself as the joyful, love-filled being that you are.
You get to be free of…
critical thinking,
calculating – all the things!
You just get to be yourself.
In its entirety. 
Here’s a little sneak peak of how you will spend your days…
And yes, it’s all included!
❤ Watching the Sunrise.
❤ Feeling in awe of nature.
❤ Experiencing the glow of the sun as it reflects on the water.
❤ Seeing COLOR in a vivid way.
❤ Listening to the quiet desires of your soul.
❤ Witnessing the power of Sound Healing.
❤ Moving in a way that feels natural and free.
❤ Challenging your mind’s limitations.
❤ Experiencing CranioSacral Therapy inside Healing Waters.
❤ Learning about yourself through Astrological Counseling.
❤ Inspired by a new way of thinking.
❤ At home with Self and your Tribe.
❤ Receiving everything you need, nothing more, nothing less.
❤ Experiencing a Mayan Spa Treatment by a local Healer.
❤ Watching tension melt from your body.
❤ Exploring sacred land.
❤ Coming home to yourself.
❤ Swimming in the clearest water you’ve ever seen.
❤ Laughing OUT LOUD.
❤ Feeling awe-inspired.
❤ Connecting to yourself and others in a new, richer way.
❤ Dancing with life and with your soul sisters.
❤ Receiving an Integrated Thai massage in paradise.
❤ Watching the Full Moon rise over still waters.
❤ Releasing All that’s holding you back from joy.
❤ Witnessing your own power.
❤ Feeling completely understood and nurtured.
❤ Exploring a new way of being.
❤ Experiencing the colors change in a sunset and sunrise.
❤ Watching your thoughts clear.
❤ Understanding your body in a deeper way.
❤ Witnessing your divine nature.
❤ Eating Delicious food.
❤ Tasting every morsel of the moment.
❤ Feeling truly healthy.
❤ Feeling truly aligned.
❤ Feeling at home in your skin.
Now is the time to choose yourself.
Now is the time to say YES to you.
Now is the time to come home to yourself.
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